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‘NCIS’ Season 7 Episode 20 ‘Moonlighting’ Recap

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The ‘NCIS’ gang was finally back. As much as the reruns are enjoyable, there’s really nothing like a fresh episode. This was a fun episode because FBI agent Fornell was back, which means getting on Gibbs’ nerves and good banter between the two. And then there was the girl from Tim’s past. It’s not what you think, but if you want to know more, read on.

For a change, the murder had nothing to do with the larger crime that NCIS and the FBI had to investigate. The petty officer had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. After finding mob informant Stefano Delmar, Gibbs and Fornell started following the clues. The Judge was a least likely suspect, but it was logical that they wouldn’t have introduced her for just one scene.

The scene outside Cooper’s Hawk Security, with Gibbs and Fornell talking to the polygrapher Susan Grady, was well done. The explosion was completely unexpected and as the plot unfolded, it turned out that it wasn’t supposed to kill everyone; that was just a dumb accident. Fortunately, since she was with Gibbs and Fornell, Susan lived to tell them what she knew.

Susan was a strange one. She had a thing for McGee, which we knew, but when he finally asked her out, she said no. What was that all about? One minute she was playing the woe-is-me girl, all self-deprecating, but not really funny. Was she suddenly opting for the hard-to-get angle with McGee after throwing herself at him? Even Tony wouldn’t be able to figure her out.

Another angle that should be figured out one of these days is exactly what’s what with Abby and McGee. She was not welcoming of Susan into her lab, although that was probably not a wise move by Tim.

The best lie detector in the episode wasn’t the one Susan hooked up to Gibbs, it was Gibbs himself. He saw right through the janitor. But the very idea that Gibbs has never been polygraphed in eight years was amazing. How did he avoid it? It was telling that he refused to continue the test when she asked if he had ever committed a felony. In his mind, he flashed back to killing Ziva’s abductor, Saleem, with a high-powered sniper rifle. Rather than lie, he ended the session.

So the culprit was the judge, doling out vigilante justice from the bench. The idea that judges are being put through polygraphs as part of judicial confirmation is something that never occurred to me. What didn’t make sense to me was that Judge Wallace agreed to take a polygraph, that she was arrogant enough to do it in front of Gibbs and Fornell, and think she could get away with her actions. Rigging the machine to make noise was an extra touch of intimidation that worked to unnerve the redhead. Yep, another redhead.

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