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NCIS – Season 8 Casting News

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NCIS‘ First Look: See Who Will Help Gibbs Battle the Cartel

When CBS’ top-rated ‘NCIS‘ kicks off its eighth season on Tuesday, September 21, tensions will remain high as the closing moments of the May finale play out.

The good news, Rocky Carroll (who plays Director Vance) tells Fancast, is that unlike in some memorable past season openers, everyone on the team “is still alive and well.”

That said, he teases, “We’ve got a few old scores to settle.”

Among those stubborn foes is the Reynosa cartel, which still looms as a significant threat to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team. When last we tuned in, cartel kingpin (queenpin?) Paloma had just entered the store where Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite), Jethro’s pop, works.

In the aftermath of that showdown Gibbs gets a visit from his mentor, Mike Franks (played by returning guest star/’Prison Break’ alum Muse Watson).

The reason for Franks’ arrival on the scene? To offer Gibbs a much-needed assist in his campaign to neutralize the Reynosa threat once and for all.

Watson/Mike Franks isn’t the only encore to watch for this season. As previously reported by Fancast, both Robert Wagner (as DiNozzo’s dad) and Michael Nouri (as Eli David) are also due to return.


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