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NCIS Season 8 Episode 5 Dead Air – Recap

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NCIS Season 8 Episode 5 Dead Air : Talk radio, domestic terrorism, suburbia and baseball. All that was missing was apple pie and Chevrolet. Actually, it was all that and even a hint about what really happened five years ago between Ziva and Tony (Michael Weatherly) when they first crossed paths. That was tonight’s ‘NCIS,’ and for fans who have been hoping for an episode that focused more on Cote de Pablo, this was the show. For more on that, as well as Tony’s strained vocal chords, read on.

Many episodes of ‘NCIS’ deal with international terrorism and threats from outside the United States. However, as the Oklahoma City bombing proved, there are terrorists right here in America. In this episode’s take, the unlikely enclaves of disgruntled citizens were lodged in an upscale, gated community of wealthy suburbanites.

The group was called MAH, as in Military At Home. They wanted America to stop being the world’s policeman. The mailman, the businessman and Zach, the neighbor with the jaunty tennis sweater, were all in league to set off a bomb to send a message.

The start, however, was the talk radio angle. A rabble-rousing disk jockey was the key to finding the terrorist cell, but it cost him, an engineer and a Naval public affairs officer their lives. The DJ turned down the chance to be the voice of MAH and, therefore, was eliminated. Fortunately, the shooter had no brains when he came to forensics and the bullets revealed deer urine, of all things, as a telltale sign.

To track down the voice that approached the DJ about being MAH’s voice, Tony drew the short straw and had to collect the samples of everyone’s voice in the Royal Woods neighborhood. By the time he was done, DiNozzo had a severe case of laryngitis. Ducky’s prescription was the ultimate punishment for Tony … no talking for 24 hours.

As mentioned above, Ziva had a major part to play in the case. The team intercepted the bomb maker before he could complete the deal. Filling in as the mercenary’s competitor was Ziva … playing Ziva David. Her cover was no cover at all, just her Mossad background. She was convincing and compelling working undercover, prompting Tony to reminisce about the time when Ziva first joined the team.

When Tony recalled being in bed with Ziva back then, McGee (Sean Murray) tried to confirm that it had all been for show. Tony never let on. And McGee remained unsure.

As Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and company deciphered the plot, the target of the bomb was unexpected. Instead of a place, it was an event. But not something like a concert or a party. No, it was a local kids’ soccer game, and what made it a ripe target was that the parents of those little soccer players were all Washington big shots. The NCIS team showed up in time to clear the field, and Ziva made sure to tackle Tony so he was safe from the blast. Hmm …

There was one other thread that ran through the episode that was particularly topical, considering the time of year. McGee and Tony were waxing poetically about baseball from the opening of the show to the close. Tony even referenced Mr. October, New York Yankee great Reggie Jackson, as he and McGee sang the praises of America’s past time, baseball.

Of course, the irony of all the baseball references, including ‘Field of Dreams,’ Vin Scully and playing centerfield, came as TBS was showing Game 3 of the American League Championship Series while the ‘NCIS’ episode aired on the East Coast. Of course, since ‘NCIS’ rarely dips below 18 million total viewers, they probably felt safe reminding viewers that baseball is a great game even if it’s the competition in October.

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