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NCIS: Los Angeles – Episode 3.21-Touch of Death-Promo

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Watch promo of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 Episode 21 Touch of Death


043012 0609 NCISSeason91 NCIS Season 9 Episode 22 Playing With Fire (30sec Promo)

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NCIS Season 8 Episode 15 – Defiance – Promo

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Friends, I am back with some hot and sizzling news from the baggage of NCIS series. If you ask me, I rarely get satisfied even after watching the show when it airs on its scheduled time. I always remain eager to download and watch it again. Now I’m getting enthusiastic to make NCIS season 8 episode 15 download from here, so that I could cherish it innumerable times!

Watch promo of NCIS Season 8 Episode 15 Defiance

Well, before I leave, let me remind you to catch NCIS season 8 episode 15 online right here, after its telecast!

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‘NCIS’ Production Halted After Accident on Set Killed Crew Member

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Production on “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” was shut down on Wednesday, February 9 after a vehicle crashed onto the set and killed a member of the crew. A 60-year-old driver suffered a heart attack behind the wheel and lost control of his passenger van, veering onto the Santa Clarita, California set and claiming the life of a male security guard.

The 52 year old was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition but later died from his injuries. A statement from bosses at TV network CBS reads, “Everyone at the network, the studio and NCIS is devastated by the news”

“Our hearts grieve for his family and friends for this tragic loss. We are, of course, cooperating with the local authorities in Santa Clarita to help determine what caused this terrible accident.”

Filming on the police drama has been suspended while authorities investigate the accident.

It’s not surprising that the millions of viewers across the globe cannot get enough of NCIS and always wish for more! Even I can’t control my desire to catch NCIS episode online and be updated about the latest celebrity scoops along with the episode!

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NCIS Season 8 Episode 14 A Man Walks Into A Bar… Recap

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Last week, nearly 23 million viewers tuned in to watch NCIS,’ making it the top drama on the air. I didn’t think that was a particularly good episode.

Nevertheless, it attests to the popularity of the show. Hopefully, as many viewers were watching tonight, though, because this was an excellent NCIS episode.

When a show has been on the air for as long as ‘NCIS,’ there’s a mythology that’s been created about the characters and their situations.

In tonight’s episode, ‘NCIS’ mined its rich history with a show that hinted at the dysfunctional brilliance of Gibbs’ team, why they work and why they might someday implode.

It made for a fascinating program, even though the mystery murder of the week was relegated to practically an afterthought.

The premise of the ‘A’ story were psych evaluations for Vance, Ducky, Abby and Jethro’s team. Dr. Rachel Cranston had been sent to probe the NCIS principals and to not take no for an answer. Vance and Gibbs had been successfully ducking these interviews for months.

In a series of one-on-one scenes, Rachel observed and asked questions, pressing buttons and watching for reactions.

It was especially effective the way these interviews were filmed. Extreme closeups can be obtrusive, but seeing into Ziva and Abby’s eyes when they were asked questions about themselves was as revealing as the answers they gave.

Interspersed with the closeups were flashbacks from past episodes. Normally, that would suggest a clip show and I’d be ticked off. That was not the case with these clips.

For long time fans of ‘NCIS,’ the early years of the show are sacred. Before Kate was killed in action, Tony wasn’t the DiNozzo we see today, and McGee was a complete probie. Abby had a friend with whom she could share her life, and Ziva had not yet joined the crew. For each of these characters, Kate remains a haunting presence.

As usual, it’s Gibbs who knows more than the others. That smile on Mark Harmon’s face was like a Cheshire Cat grin when he finally allowed Rachel to interview him. Or was it the other way around?

Rachel, as it turned out, was Kate’s older sister. Yes, she was there to do psych evaluations, but she was also there on a mission of her own. Gibbs recognized that Rachel needed closure. She needed to know the people with whom Kate had spent her last days.

For Gibbs, scenes in the basement are inevitably the most poignant, and tonight was no different. It made sense that he would bring Rachel there, too. It was in that space that Ziva killed Kate’s killer. That was the ultimate closure he could give to Rachel, and she appreciated it. It was also completely Gibbsian, and Kate would have approved.

As for the ‘B’ story — the presumed murder of a commander on a ship — it really was a back burner feature. Once they figured out which gun had killed Reynolds and Abby discovered the tape residue on the corpse’s body, Gibbs and DiNozzo figured it out. The murder was a suicide.

Perhaps the one aspect of the show that lingered was Vance’s psych evaluation. Since the assassination attempt, Vance hadn’t been himself. Gibbs knows it and Rachel realized it as well. If there’s going to be a crack up in NCIS, it could be from the top down.

‘NCIS’ airs Tuesdays at 8PM ET on CBS.

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NCIS – Renewed for 9th Season

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Television’s #1 Drama/Scripted Series to Return for Its Ninth Season

Tuesday’s Broadcast Delivers a Series’ Record Audience of 22.85 Million Viewers

NCIS, television’s #1 drama/scripted series for the second consecutive year, has been renewed by the CBS Television Network for the 2011-2012 season, it was announced today by Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment.

“It’s simply amazing that a show in its eighth season continues to perform at such an elite level,” said Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment. “This is a tribute to the hard work of its talented writers, producers and cast for bringing to life such compelling stories and characters with intrigue and humor. The quality of the storytelling is also evident by the series’ incredibly devoted fan base who we thank for their passion and commitment to NCIS on CBS, in online communities and around the world.”

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“NCIS has become a network phenomenon and a global sensation. The show continues to hit audience peaks on CBS and is a top performer in territories around the world,” said David Stapf, President, CBS Television Studios. “We thank an amazing cast, led by Mark Harmon, which has undeniable chemistry, for bringing to life characters with such amazing universal appeal. And, we credit Shane (Brennan) and Gary (Glasberg) for the storytelling and production vision that delivers compelling episodes every week and a fresh creative vision every year.”

NCIS premiered on CBS in 2003-2004 as a spin-off of the long-running action/legal drama, “JAG.” Since its debut, NCIS’s ratings have steadily climbed, becoming a top 10 program in 2007-2008, the series’ fifth season. NCIS’s ratings continued building the following season, finishing 2008-2009 ranked fifth among all primetime programs. Last season, NCIS ranked fourth among all programs and became the #1 drama/scripted program on television, with an average audience of 18.89 million viewers.

Currently in its eighth season, NCIS’s ratings are still rising and the series continues to be the #1 drama/scripted series. This season, NCIS is averaging 19.60 million viewers. Last night’s episode delivered a record audience of 22.85 million viewers and the show’s highest adult 18-49 rating since Oct. 2009.

NCIS stars Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Pauley Perrette, Rocky Carroll and David McCallum. Shane Brennan, Chas. Floyd Johnson, Gary Glasberg, Mark Horowitz, Mark Harmon and Donald P. Bellisario are executive producers for Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Television Studios.

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